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Are you selling your products online? Well, having an online store is the perfect way of realizing your webpreneur dream. It enables you to operate a business with little cost. Also, you can operate your business without the need to employ additional staffs. Apart from this, you have an opportunity to enjoy 24/7 selling experience meaning more money in your pockets. But the reality is: not every online store enjoys a smooth flow of its operations. Despite having more than 200 million Americans performing their shopping online, a large number of e-commerce webpreneurs are draining their last sweat drop to win a sale. In fact, most of them are dealing with teething problems. Some even lack an assurance of a good day when they will celebrate making profits from their investments. If you are in this category, you need to rethink your selling strategy. However, you need to have information to help you while making the next move. To help you take positive action, here are 3 ultimate reasons why your online store is witnessing zero sales:

Your check out process can be the evil killing your sales chances

Your store has a complex check out process

Your check out process can be the evil killing your sales chances. The steps your customers have to follow in processing a transaction is crucial to your sales level. Most customers look for a store with a simple check out process. No customer will enjoy filling a thousand forms for them to process a single transaction. Having a complex check out process with an array of steps annoys your potential customers.

For this reason, you need to put extra efforts on eliminating any hurdles in your check out process. For instance, you can offer the customers an opportunity to log in on your in-store using their social media account than having registration as one of the requirements. Alternatively, you can Offer your clients an option to save their data for future sales when completing the transaction process. This way, you will boost your sales level. 

You are keeping your shipping charges to yourself without disclosing it to your customers.

Another aspect that can hinder sales in your online store is shipping charges. As a way of persuading customers to their online shops, a number of webpreneurs keep their shipping charges as a secret. Instead of disclosing it, they focus on offering attractive prices. Their belief is that price is the primary determiner of the customer’s purchase decision. While you might take a similar direction thinking this is a perfect idea, it can turn to be the worst mistake for your business. The approach can attract a range of conversions but not sales. Customers will place items on the shopping carts as they do not want to miss the opportunity. However, check out will be minimal when customers figure out your shipping fees. So, you will experience a high rate of cart abandonment. Hence, always disclose your shipping fees to attract sales. If you want to offer a great shipping strategy, you must have a reliable online platform, we recommend you to take a look at Shopify plus website builder platform, since they will give you all the information you need in order to boost your sales from the very beginning._builder_column]